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JINZEN Attaches Great Importance to Social Responsibility.
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Always focusing on a green theme,

Following the mission to protect the earth,

Advocating a better life, contributing to sustainable protection.

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Eco-friendly concept of the product
In the product design and manufacturing process, relevant technologies and processes need to be used to control noise, silence and oil-free requirements. Reduce noise and vibration by optimizing the structural design of parts. Precision machining and assembly techniques are used to ensure the product's silent performance and oil-free lubrication effect.
Jinzen Intelligent Technology (Dongyang) Co., Ltd.
Jinzen Intelligent Technology (Dongyang) Co., Ltd.
In terms of packaging environmental protection, choosing degradable materials such as cartons and corrugated boxes is a good choice. The use of these environmentally friendly packaging materials can reduce the impact on the environment. They can be recycled after use, reused, or degrade quickly in the natural environment. This helps reduce waste generation, reduce consumption of natural resources, and protect the health of the environment and ecosystems.
Wastewater Treatment

JINZEN has always adhered to the concept of "safety and environmental protection" and implemented system specifications and measures, and treated and discharged it in accordance with the national three-level comprehensive sewage discharge standards. Some sewage can also be used for irrigation, industrial water, etc. to achieve resource recycling.

Sewage treatment is an important part of protecting the environment and maintaining public health.

Jinzen Intelligent Technology (Dongyang) Co., Ltd.

Wastewater Treatment