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Corporate Culture
Philosophy //

Let the JINZEN brand become synonymous with quality on the international stage.

  • Create an enjoyable environment and a broad career platform for the team.
  • Provide the systematic service and unconditional quality assurance for customers.
  • Create a positive environment and brand image for society.
  • To bring in revenues for shareholders, also infinitely spiritual pursuit.
Jinzen Intelligent Technology (Dongyang) Co., Ltd. Jinzhen Intelligent Technology (Dongyang) Co., Ltd.
To Be The Benchmark Enterprise
In The Global Sewing Machine Parts Field
  • Jinzen Intelligent Technology (Dongyang) Co., Ltd.
    Jinzen Intelligent Technology (Dongyang) Co., Ltd.
    The JINZEN brand LOGO is composed of the uppercase letters J and Z in Jinzhen pinyin. The oval-shaped appearance abstracts the earth and is dominated by green, which means environmental protection, vitality and harmony. JZ is like a tower built by Jinzhen people to communicate with the world and It is a bridge to the world for communication, cooperation and trade, and it also symbolizes that people from all over the world are closely tied together!
Staff Construction //
JINZEN Corporate Culture.
Our team encourages any employee to give opinions and suggestions at work as a part of the team. Every employee is influential and plays a central role in our projects and development.
  • Jinzen Intelligent Technology (Dongyang) Co., Ltd.
    Staffing Philosophy

    Provide more chances for diligent and surefooted people. Give more important tasks to the people with responsibilities.

  • Jinzen Intelligent Technology (Dongyang) Co., Ltd.
    Implement Philosophy

    ● No deviation
    ● No delay
    ● Never give up.

  • Jinzen Intelligent Technology (Dongyang) Co., Ltd.
    Growing Philosophy

    Aggressively growth achieves your bright future, Lazy learning ruins your bright future.

  • Jinzen Intelligent Technology (Dongyang) Co., Ltd.
    Work Philosophy

    All details root from earnest and concentration, The dignity of life was reflected in hard work.